How to Use Solar Power for Home

With the soaring prices of electricity and constant load shedding; homeowners have to look for an alternative for meeting electricity crisis. There is an array of options available for beating this electricity crisis for the homeowners, which are renewable.  The best and the perfect energy source being the, use of solar power. What is solar power? Well solar power is a renewable form of energy and is harvested from the sun by using photo electric panels and other technologies, it is available in abundant and is free of cost.

Energy conservation is a critical topic and it needs to be taken seriously, which is why using solar power is the best that one can do. Solar power can be used at home in a number of ways, moreover ‘going solar’ doesn’t only mean spending money on solar panels but it also means to use a variety of solar devices that can be used at home for different purposes.

Solar appliance for using at home

  • Solar charger- You can find solar chargers in the market, which can be used at home to charge phones, laptops and different batteries on a daily basis. Charging with solar charger, used little elect6rcity and also helps in saving tons of money in a long run.
  • The solar indoor lights- One can use solar panels to light the home from indoors, this will not only save a lot of money but also helps in saving a lot of energy which is a crucial topic today.
  • Use of solar oven- The normal ovens use a lot of electricity when used, but these solar ovens are little and use solar energy alone. They are made up of glass which absorbs the heat of the sun, which is then magnified and used for cooking. This is best for camping and picnics.
  • Solar water heaters- Electric geysers use a lot of power, so replacing them is a must. The electric geysers can be easily replaced with solar water heaters, there are two type of solar heaters; active and passive, and the choice is completely yours.
  • Hot tubs- The solar power units are used for heating the water in the pool, an inbuilt solar kit can be used for this; although it is costly but in the long run it helps in energy saving.
  • The heat storage tubes- These tubes are known as greenhouse fibreglass tubes, they are like thin cylinders and can be used to fill water and to heat the rooms.

Using solar energy for meeting the power needs is the most eco-friendly as well as a pocket-friendly option. You not only end up saving a lot on the electricity bill but also save the resources from getting depleted and harming the earth. Although installation of solar panels is expensive but in the long run it is quite feasible. Moreover using solar power to light up the rural areas is the best way of supplying power and lighting the households there.

How Science Can Benefit the World?

Most of us don’t take science seriously and think that is doesn’t matter much, but this is something which is completely incorrect. Science has the power to affect our everyday lives, from the moment we wake up till the end of the day. Everything around is related to science in some or the other way; be it the digital clock in the room, or the weather report we see on our phones, or the decision to bake some cookies or just turning off the lights at night, everything is there and happens courtesy science. The modern world we stay in today would not have been possible and that modern, without the knowledge and use of science.

Science and it innovations

Science is responsible for basic technological innovations that affect our daily lives, and also for a number of complex devices like the computers, x-ray machines and phones. Everything from flu vaccines to tools for performing open heart surgeries, are there because of science, so our life is impacted to a large extent by technology.

Ways in which science affects our lives

  • Electricity- So had science not been there, it would not have been able to understand electricity and its uses well. Science has helped us in giving a better understanding of electricity and its uses, because of which we are able to talk to one another over the telephone, watch entertainment channels and are able to switch off and on the light whenever required.
  • Plastic- Chemistry helped in developing different plastics for different jobs, like dental floss and blocking of bullets, which are used till now.
  • Agriculture- Science has changed the way we cultivate our lands and the stuff we eat. With the development of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, it has become easy to harvest more food. Science is also responsible for the ‘green revolution’ that has brought a striking change in the field of agriculture leading to a massive increase of food.
  • No medicine- Proper understanding of science has led to the development of modern medicine required for a lot of deadly diseases, which can cause death. Eradication of small pox, prevention of nutritional deficiencies and cancer treatments, all are possible today because of the modern medicine.
  • Prediction of natural disasters- Though it is not always possible to predict the disasters but scientists do know effective ways of predicting most of them. There may be issues in giving out warnings but with science you can analyse the data and make the right and timely decision in case of a disaster.

Science undoubtedly is important to the world and can benefit the society in a number of ways. It would not be wrong to say, that had science not been there; even our daily chores would have become impossible to complete and we would not have been living in a peaceful society. Science is crucial for our lives, and we are targeted by science related policies in our everyday lives, so understanding science and its significance is very important.





Sports Technology: 5 Technologies That Are Changing Sports

Technology in sports has been evolving in a particular form in the past few decades. Also it has been rapidly making its changes in professional sports just like any other field. The technology is getting developed day after day and is becoming portable and wireless and the coaches, trainers and the sports scientists can easily avail of data in real time. There are various technologies that have been found to be effective in the field of sports. These include the following:

  • Video Technology: In – game video analysis and video refereeing have been adopted by different sports which will include rugby, football, tennis and even soccer, which clearly implies that the decisions that need to be taken can be made quickly and accurately thus in turn making the game fair enough. Having several cameras around the pitch will have a major effect on the way the players will be analysed after the competition across almost every sport. This ability where one can see a performance on screen and then make judgements have helped the coaches to look into the individual elements and then decide based on what they can actually see.
  • Portable Sensors: cycling has been one such sport of arbitrary judgement along which came the heart – arte monitors and people could actually train within a particular heart – rate zone. This used to help in analysing what the effort was doing to the body, rather than what the effort was doing to the actual performance. The use of GPS sensors have made it easier for coaches of rugby, football and even soccer to detect where any player is during any point of the match. They can also keep a track on their movements and they can see how these can actually help in improving the athlete.
  • Testing of drugs: doing tests to detect illegal drugs is one technology which has made changes in various sports all over the globe. With the help of these drug testing technologies you can actually help in fighting the use of performance – enhancing drugs in sports. This has helped in maintaining a good balance in the playing field in various sports and also has helped in taking out the drug cheats in the world of sports.
  • Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics: a good athlete requires speed and stamina in order to perform in any competition, which needs to be done with the help of minimum resistance. Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics has helped in the performance of athletes to minimize the resistance of air and also increase their speed.
  • Data Analytics: the ability which can help in the analysing of millions of data points has implied that sports teams and the athletes can look into the tiniest success or even failures with any performance. They can also recreate or remove any particular conditions. It also means that everything that an athlete does can be interconnected and assessed so that a performance can be divided into its individual elements rather than as a simple whole.

How Electric Cars Can Help the World Be Green?

We know that there are so many climatic changes that take place which is degrading the atmosphere of the Earth, in order to put a halt to this we need to stop making the use of fossil fuels. This implies that we need an automotive technology which will help us and make us free from using petroleum and other fossil fuels. Also it is high time that we start generating energy from non–fossil sources. As we all know, an electric car can entirely run on renewable energy. Here are a few aspects of the electric car which help to understand how beneficial these cars actually are.

  • Manufacturing of the electric car: the electric car has several hundred pounds of battery cells, which are down in the floor. Apart from this the battery – powered car will run entirely on electricity. You can easily fill it up using a charging point either at your home, street or even at a fast – charging station.
  • Driving the car: electric cars probably make use of power that is clean and it makes an electric vehicles total carbon dioxide emissions even lower, which in turn will eliminate the emissions of carbon dioxide while you are driving.

What are the developments that will help in making the electric cars cleaner?

It is a well – known fact that the manufacturing of batteries for the electric cars will give out a lot of carbon dioxide. But recycling, innovation and greening of the factories can actually help in the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions which are being emitted during the production of the electric vehicle batteries.

What are the perks of using an electric car?

  • Gas is not required: you can entirely charge an electric car by the energy that you provide, which also means that you will not have to buy any gas again. This can also help you save some bucks, since the fuel prices are always on a rise. Electricity isn’t free, but running an electric car is definitely much cheaper.
  • No harmful emissions: when you use an electric car you need to know that it is a cent percent eco – friendly vehicle. It will not give out any toxic gases in the atmosphere. Also they run on a clean source of energy and it will make your contribution to a clean and green environment.
  • Effective of cost: in the past, it would have been quite expensive to own an electric vehicle, but now with the growing advancements in technology, both the cost and maintenance of electric vehicles have reduced, which makes the buying of the vehicle quite affordable. Also the mass production of the batteries and the tax incentives which are available have brought down the cost of the vehicle, which make its cost effective.
  • Safe to drive: the electric cars will undergo the same fitness and testing procedures like the other fuel powered cars. In case of an accident you can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from the battery.

What is Nano Technology?

Nanotechnology is defined as the manipulation of matter which has at least one dimension that is sized from 1 to 100 nanometres. There is a wide use of nanotechnology in various fields. They have already been used in different products and also play an important role in various industries.

The various applications of nanotechnology:

  • Nano composites: Nanotubes and nanoparticles are widely used in composites. The materials that combine one or more separate components which are designed to exhibit the best properties of each component. This multi – functionality will apply not only to the mechanical properties but also to the other magnetic, optical and electrical properties. The carbon fibres and bundles of the multi – walled CNTs are being used in polymers which are used to enhance or control the conductivity. Making use of the individual CNTs in the composites is a potential long – term application.
  • Nano lubricants: The Nano spheres of the inorganic materials can be used as lubricants, which can act as Nano sized ball bearings. The controlled shape is considered to make them more durable as compared to the conventional solid lubricants and wear additives. It is also considered that this type of a lubricant is quite effective even if the metal surfaces are not very smooth. In this nanotechnology application, the particles would be dispersed in a conventional liquid lubricant. Also the design of the lubricant system needs to include measures to contain and then also mage the waste.
  • Nano paints: when Nano particles are being incorporated into paints, they help in the improvement of their performance which makes them lighter or can also give them the other required properties. The thinner coatings of the paint that are used on the aircraft would help in reducing their weight which can prove to be a great advantage to the environment. There could also be reduction in the solvent contents of the paint which can be beneficial to the environment. Anti–fouling surface treatment is also considered to be valuable in the process applications. This could include the heat savings, this can lead to the savings of energy.

What are the advantages of nanotechnology?

  • Manufacturing advantages: nanotechnology has already been making new materials that could help in revolutionize many areas in manufacturing. The nanoparticles and nanotubes are composed of materials that are very light and very strong which have insulating properties.
  • Energy advantages: there can be transformation which is made by nanotechnology in which energy can be obtained and used for various purposes. Nanotechnology will make solar power which will be more economical as it helps in reducing the cost of construction of solar panels and all the other related equipment. The energy storage devices will become more efficient.
  • Medical advantages: nanotechnology has great potential and can make great advances in the field of medicines too. Nano bots can be sent into the patient’s arteries which can be used in clearing away the blockages. Apart from that surgeries can also be done faster and more accurately.