Sports Technology: 5 Technologies That Are Changing Sports

Technology in sports has been evolving in a particular form in the past few decades. Also it has been rapidly making its changes in professional sports just like any other field. The technology is getting developed day after day and is becoming portable and wireless and the coaches, trainers and the sports scientists can easily avail of data in real time. There are various technologies that have been found to be effective in the field of sports. These include the following:

  • Video Technology: In – game video analysis and video refereeing have been adopted by different sports which will include rugby, football, tennis and even soccer, which clearly implies that the decisions that need to be taken can be made quickly and accurately thus in turn making the game fair enough. Having several cameras around the pitch will have a major effect on the way the players will be analysed after the competition across almost every sport. This ability where one can see a performance on screen and then make judgements have helped the coaches to look into the individual elements and then decide based on what they can actually see.
  • Portable Sensors: cycling has been one such sport of arbitrary judgement along which came the heart – arte monitors and people could actually train within a particular heart – rate zone. This used to help in analysing what the effort was doing to the body, rather than what the effort was doing to the actual performance. The use of GPS sensors have made it easier for coaches of rugby, football and even soccer to detect where any player is during any point of the match. They can also keep a track on their movements and they can see how these can actually help in improving the athlete.
  • Testing of drugs: doing tests to detect illegal drugs is one technology which has made changes in various sports all over the globe. With the help of these drug testing technologies you can actually help in fighting the use of performance – enhancing drugs in sports. This has helped in maintaining a good balance in the playing field in various sports and also has helped in taking out the drug cheats in the world of sports.
  • Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics: a good athlete requires speed and stamina in order to perform in any competition, which needs to be done with the help of minimum resistance. Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics has helped in the performance of athletes to minimize the resistance of air and also increase their speed.
  • Data Analytics: the ability which can help in the analysing of millions of data points has implied that sports teams and the athletes can look into the tiniest success or even failures with any performance. They can also recreate or remove any particular conditions. It also means that everything that an athlete does can be interconnected and assessed so that a performance can be divided into its individual elements rather than as a simple whole.

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